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Monday, February 20, 2012

postheadericon Happy 2012!

I must admit I am behind on my blogging, so sorry!!  Ill try to give you all a quick summary (in pictures of course!)

Jill's House has been having a lot of fun!  We take regular trips to the Strong Museum of Play, Story Hour at the Highland Library, the Public Market, as well as our neighborhood playground (we love the Linden Street Playground!)  It has been a mild winter, so we havent had much time to play in the snow, but have had a couple chances to make snowmen (or snow women!)

Another Mom and I asked our librarian if we could include a project at the end of her storytime and she said YES!  We try to tie our projects to her weekly theme and its been a big hit!

This is NOT your typical January in Rochester! I promise!!

we have been celebrating quite a few birthday recently!  Skylar turned 4! Keira turned 5! Simon turned 3!

here is Skylar on her big day:

The wizard of Oz exhibit is at the museum right now, I couldnt get the kids interested until Simon found the Farm area, now its a new favorite!

Projects sponsored by the Highland Library branch! 

Jill has turned the back porch into an art center, its being well used!

To make life even more fun, we have been hanging out with our good friends Zosima, Giada and their Nanny, Dora, more kids makes for more fun!  We get together and play and bake a lot!

Life is sooooo good, I thank God for making my passion possible!  I thank all my families for their trust and love, I thank my landlord for allowing me to do this here, I thank my neighbor downstairs for putting up with the noise! I thank the library for being their for us, for my neighborhood for being so wonderful, I thank YOU for whatever part you play!  



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Jill's House is a unique child care program taking children onlyon a part-time and drop-in basis. We keep our numbers low in order to provide your child with lots of one-on-one attention. Kind of like having your own part-time nanny!

Program includes: snack, free art, free play, socialization, outdoor time, field trips to community resources such as the library, zoo, museum, and parks.

Rates: $10 hr for one child, $15 hr for two.

$5 drop-in fee for uncommitted customers.

I also provide childcare in your home for no drop-in fee!


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