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Friday, April 23, 2010

postheadericon Music class!!

One of my wonderful mothers teaches music at school #12 and wants to start a music program and volunteered to hold a free class yesterday. It was so much fun!

Here is information about her class "Imagine Music"

Imagine...Music presents "One World"

Join us as we explore the music, food, language, and people of the world. Our senses will be awakened through song, dance, and play. We will travel far and wide to experience the music and games of other children. On our journey we will visit the lands of America (USA, Central, and South), Europe, Africa, and Asia. We will become "One World".

Amy Spiess-Ki is Imagine...Music. She is a certified music educator who has taught both general and instrumental music for fourteen years, and has worked with children of all ages and backgrounds. She has taught children who are deaf, specially-abled, and emotionally, mentally, and/or physically challenged. Her teaching culminates from an eclectic journey through many countries and styles of music. She is proficient in a multitude of instruments including clarinet, flute, and saxophone. Amy has her Master’s Degree in Music Education with a focus on Kodaly from Capital University. She is also a music teacher at James P.B. Duffy School #12.

We had a great turnout at Jill's House for the class..8 kids!  Here are some random shots of them having fun!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

postheadericon Rochester Public Market

Today we headed to the public Market, we had never been there on a Thursday morning, and now I wonder why not!  way better with kids on a weekday morning than on a Saturday. Don't get me wrong, Saturday mornings are amazing, and full of excitement and people, and lots of vendors, but with a little one, choose Thursday morning.very peaceful, no crowds and you just might get a free apple :)

She is loving her apple :)

here are some links to check out of you want to learn more about the public Market..

Great Public Spaces

City of Rochester page for the Public Market

Public Market Facebook Page

Public Market Wiki

postheadericon Ellwanger Barry Playground at Linden Avenue

You know, I'm not really sure of the exact name of this playground, but it is on the corner of Linden Avenue and Meigs Street and it is the place to be on a nice day :)

Our first lovely day of the year and we loaded up the wagon with sidewalk chalk, a bucket and a shovel for the sandbox and a bouncy ball, drinks and snacks...

Kids had a blast running and climbing and swinging!

One of the little ones got sand in her eye, it was so sad but, I was glad she was able to cry it out, tears are wonderful eye cleaners  :)

Ethan made a friend and they spent a good amount of time walking around the playground holding hands, it was so sweet.  I tried to get a picture but with two two years olds to keep an eye on, it just wasn't possible.

The neat thing about this playground is that everyone shares what they brought, it really is a lovely community plaground.

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